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About us

Here you can get acquainted with the history, tasks, regulations and strategic plans of the Iranian Engineering Education Association. You can also click on the button below to get acquainted with the news and events of the forum

Iranian Society of Engineering Education Tasks

Scientific and cultural research

Promoting scientific and cultural researches domestically and internationally in engineering education.

Cooperation with institutions

Collaborating with scientific, educational and research institutions; and the executive branch for accreditation of engineering, programs and...

Encourage researchers

Persuading and motivating research and also awarding research collaborators and scholars in the field of engineering education.

Providing services

Providing educational, research and technical services to create a multifaceted interaction between academic and executive spaces

Holding a meeting

Holding scientific conferences at national, regional and international levels to update scientific, research and technical information


Publication of various books and scientific journals, in order to create valid scientific references for executive, research, academic

A brief history of

establishment of Iranian Society of Engineering Education


The need for establishing “Iranian Society of Engineering Education(ISEE)” raised out of the urgency to: estabhish a plan the for a Department of Engineering Sciences in the Academy of Sciences of Islamic Republic of Iran, overcome the lack of comprehensive courses for such targeted engineering education in the Iranian universities. The idea was emphasized during several meetings including The First Conference of Engineering Education in the country. Then, the establishment of Iranian Society of Engineering Education was suggested by the Engineering Sciences Council in the Academy of Sciences of Islamic Republic of Iran. Subsequently, the members of founding board were appointed and confirmed by the commission of Scientific Associations of the Ministry of Science, Research and technology, followed by a general assembly meeting that was held in 2009 and members of the board of directors of this society were selected. 

Branch creation regulations

In universities

In order to develop the activities of the Engineering Education Association in the country and increase the participation of academics in achieving the goals of the Association, the branches of the Association
In universities, they are formed according to the provisions of this regulation. The main purpose of establishing a branch in a university is to increase the motivation and exploit the maximum participation of the members of the association in the national level, in order to increase
Quantify and improve the quality of the association’s activities worldwide.

By clicking on the button opposite, you can view and download reports on the activities of the Iranian Engineering Education Association in 1399 and 1398. This report is in order to present the activities of the association in the past years.

Forum Brochure

The dramatic developments in science and technology in recent decades have posed serious challenges to modern engineering. An efficient engineer today must, on the one hand, master a set of intertwined and interdisciplinary sciences, and on the other hand, must take into account complex environmental considerations and sustainable development in his professional activities. Training such engineers requires a fundamental transformation in engineering education and the creation of the necessary dynamism to respond to changing needs.

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Strategic plan of the association

The first step to develop a strategic plan was taken in December 2015, but due to the unpreparedness of the association to prepare it, its development was postponed to another appropriate time. In the meeting of the board of directors on 06/14/96, the initial draft of the strategic plan was presented and by applying the opinions of the board of directors, the plan was discussed, reviewed and rewritten again in the meetings of the planning committee and monitoring of the achievements of the association. The board was reviewed and approved.

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