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شما می توانید لیست تمامی وبینار های IFEES برگزارشده در سال 2020 برگزار شده است را مشاهده و دانلود نمایید .

– Transforming Engineering Education for a Sustainable World; April 3, 2019 – A New Engineering Education for a New Era- Adapting Teaching Methodologies; April 15, 2019

– Cooperative Problem Based Learning; May 7, 2019

Closing the gap between Engineering Education field: Open Innovation and ReDefined IdentityJuly 12, 2019   – Interdisciplinarity in Engineering Education, Research: Chalenges and Rewards; August 1, 2019     – Making Engineering Appealing to the Next Generation; August 6, 2019

– The Personal Challenge and Emergent Opportunities for Engineers and their Educators in the

  Disruptive World of Business and SocietyAugust 26, 2019

– ALTAIR Resources and Software for Engineers and DesignersSeptember 3, 2019

– Engineering & UN Sustainable Development Goals; September 19, 2019

– Peace Innovation: Ways to Imagine Engineering and Technology to Build Scalable Peace; October  20, 2019

– Global Engineering for a Small Planet;October 30, 2019

– CIOs and IT Executive Leadership; From Engineering Education to Innovations in ICT and Technology; December 2, 2019

– 2020

– Helping New Engineering Faculty Members get their Careers off to a Good Start; January 3, 2020

– Tomorrow, ‘everything’ will be able to ‘see’, ‘think’, ‘do’, and communicate with ‘everything else.’; January 20,2020

– Future of Space Systems; January 30,2020

– Working with Project Teams Online; April 13, 2020

– Online Classroom- Need of the Hour; April 16, 2020

– Remote Summer Internship Program addressing Industry 4.0 Skills for engineering Students; March 24, 2020

Technology is Accelerating…How can educators prepare engineers for the future of work?; March 18, 2020 

– Providing a PLM course for Academic Organizations world-wide; March 4, 2020 

– On-demand WEBINAR: Future of EducationMarch 24, 2020

– Online Teaching: Challenge, Technique, and OpportunityMay 13, 2020

– Siemens Simulation Technology Center: Innovation in Engineering EducationMay 15, 2020

 Designing an Online Entrepreneurial Experiential Learning InternshipMay 27, 2020

 Empowering the All Electric Society; July 22, 2020

– Rising to the Top: Elevating the Next Generation of Global Women Engineering Leaders; August 14,2020

– Engineers Make a Difference; July 1, 2020

 Empowering the All Electric Society: sustaiable management for sustaiable success; Acompanying the educational landscape; July 22, 2020

– More Flexibility for Self-Driving Vehicles Research: Integrating QCar and MATLAB Toolboxes; September 14, 2020

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